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We're a small team of enthusiastic designers and developers who enjoy working on interesting projects that seek to challenge the status quo.

We've been vendors for companies and agencies of all sizes, from personal web identity projects for freelancers and professionals, to intra-organization management tools, to the development of profitable intellectual properties for major media houses.

Our creativity and solutions draw inspiration from our diverse experience and fields of expertise.

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Carlin International Flight Academy
Funny Weather
Volkswagen Live
UTV Planet Action
OEC Records Management
Anmol Jewellers
Bhagwati Shipping
Skycom Express
The Game of Fame
Green Room
Aeon Plywood
Volkswagen Pull Shot
Cricket Stock Exchange
Nokia Outdo Yourself
Dragon Power Station
Happy Days
Holi Mahotsav
Lights, Camera, Action
Simran Adnani
Taj Memories
9xm Jigsaw
NuLogics International
Artist Portfolio
Football World Tour
The Team
Fareesh Vijayarangam

Fareesh Vijayarangam

Technology Lead

During his first year at The University of New Brunswick, Fareesh found his calling by placing first at the University's Annual Programming Contest.

An avid technology enthusiast since his childhood, Fareesh supplements the understanding of many generations of technology and devices, with a passion for problem solving and automated processes.

At heart, Fareesh is a polyglot programmer, which lends a significant advantage to development projects, since its individual components are built using the most efficient toolset for the job.

Fareesh's experience includes a strong focus Web and Mobile Applications. He is a strong proponent of Agile Development Methodologies with over five years of experience with various platforms and languages, over a multitude of projects.

Nikhil Singh

Nikhil Singh

Design Lead

A former member of the gaming and technology review team at CNBC's Tech2, Nikhil’s experience and knowledge of the industry backed by his keen sense of aesthetics, make him an invaluable asset to team. Nikhil's creativity, which sometimes borders on the realm of ludicrous, often generates innovative and original design concepts.

He brings to the table a diverse arsenal of skills that include graphic design, copy-writing, content creation/re-purposing and professional photography, with several years of experience to back it all up!

His eye for beauty makes him a fantastic designer, but results in dangerously jealous stares from his girlfriend all the time.

Paramveer Bhatti

Paramveer Bhatti

Operations Lead

Paramveer’s planning and coordinating skills have been epitomized by years of highly profitable events to his name. His successes in the field of marketing and event management have been nothing short of impressive. With a host of high profile events and promotions under his belt, Paramveer has established himself as one of the rising stars in his field.

At "It’s Alive", Paramveer uses his innate people skills and business sense to work with our partners and clients to investigate and explore areas that would result in additional consumer drivern revenue. His knowledge of the market helps adapt our collaborative efforts to ever-changing consumer trends, with a view to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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